AshleyJude Entertainment & Event Services:

Social Media Services: If you have a product, service or entertainment project you need help promoting via the appropriate social media channels, please call me! I have experience doing social media management for live music venues, restaurants, artists of different genres and even a home renovation company! Please feel free to check out some of my work here:
Falconetti’s Facebook PageSierra West Projects Calgary

Artist Consulting: It is no secret that artists of any magnitude have a hard time balancing their creative sides with all of the business and admin-related things that come along with having talent. I have helped artists sort out their minds and get on the fast track to success with goal setting, social media management, long term strategizing, grant writing, crowd funding and many other facets of the overall process. Artists I’ve worked with include Lori-Ann Speed, Mark Woodyard, Conscience and The X Presidents.

Event Planning / Entertainment Booking: An event planner at heart, I’ve had experience in many areas including weddings, conferences, festivals and concerts. I would be happy to take on projects of any scale and you can trust me to bring your event to life in the most cost effective, organized and professional manner possible. I also have experience booking shows independently and through the Jeff Turner Entertainment Agency. If you are an emerging artist and you want help getting a tour booked – please contact me! I’d love to help. Some bands I’ve worked with independently are LOVECoast, Tatiana Speed and My Mother the Carjacker.

Reviews and Blogging: If you have a new project you want reviewed, please send it over to me and I will gladly have a read, watch or listen and offer my opinion, for what it’s worth.

Craft & Art Services: Kind of the black sheep of the bunch, but I am also very crafty and enjoy hand making items like greeting cards, hair accessories, jewelry and miniatures for film. If you are looking for the perfect hand made gift for your special someone, or are looking for a miniature to be shot forced perspective for a film – please contact me. I will be posting pictures of my work shortly.

CONTACT: 604-767-2743.