The human ego deals with pain in such an unproductive way. The ego wants to wallow. We all need to grieve our losses of course, but in times of hardship it’s never more important to remember – your ego is not you. The more unattached from it you become, the more at peace you will be, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. The pain won’t stop hurting… we’re still human. But I guarantee you’ll be able to navigate through it easier if you do not let your ego control you.

Sometimes when you don’t fit into someone’s exact perception of who you should be, they react badly. The ego cannot stand being wrong or disobeyed, so when things don’t go exactly according to plan, the beast gets disturbed. Left unquestioned, untested, it could lay in a peaceful slumber for years. As soon as someone or something comes along to ripple the water, it twitches, opens one eye to assess the threat. If the threat is perceived as great enough, the beast rises from it’s sleep to defend. It will do whatever it takes to bring down the threat, even if the so-called threat isn’t a threat at all, but just another life form doing their best to get through a painful situation.

People deal with pain differently. And that’s okay. Disassociation makes things easier. Disassociate from each other, and from the egoic part of the mind that cares what people think. Attachment to a reputation will get you nowhere. A bruised ego falling to the ground must grab onto anything it can, ripping out the roots of plants while it falls. Slandering names to ensure they have company down there, so low. Because after all, misery loves company.

If you can manage not to take things personally, especially when dealing with people whose beast has been disturbed, you can escape the situation unscathed. Don’t stoop to their level. If you respond to these people with compassion and keep your own ego in check, you cannot be harmed.