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90 people arrested in connection with Toronto pot dispensary raids

I try not to make a habit of getting too politically charged online, but this is a subject that gets me a little fired up. As a user of medical marijuana, I’ve witnessed first hand the benefits it can have. When I shattered my heel and had a massive prescription for Percocet and all the T3’s to last me a lifetime… I started to feel the effects of excessive prescription drug use. My stomach was completely fucked, I felt woozy and dulled down. I won’t lie – I took every single one of those Percocets because the pain was horrendous at first, but as soon as they ran out and all I had was T3s… weed saved my life. The painkilling properties alone were more effective for me than T3s, plus it didn’t make my stomach feel like shit. On the contrary actually. I won’t go too far into my reasons for loving weed. There’s enough documentation on the benefits. Of course if you take too much, don’t know your limits and are reckless there are some potential dangers… as with anything else… but the worst thing I can imagine in relation to weed is eating too many edibles and curling up into the fetal position in bed thinking the room is spinning  (Which I’m pretty sure happens on another very legal substance too…) The second worse thing that can happen is that you might feel disgusted with yourself for eating an entire box of Oreos.

I’d love for everyone to take a few minutes to watch the link above. It’s a press release from the Chief of Toronto Police yesterday speaking about the mass arrests connected to Toronto pot dispensaries just a couple days ago. Around 6:10 an inspector is speaking about the justifications behind these charges – note where he talks about the community complaints. He says petitions have been filed, supported by around 50, 60, 70 people. In the entire city of Toronto, 70 people complain about “health concerns” and 90 people get arrested? Can someone please explain that to me? When asked to clarify these so-called health concerns, the answers are robotic and senseless. I understand the concern about the lack of standardization, but it’s true that health approved licensees DO list the quantities of THC and even the ones who are not officially licensed, when asked, would VERY likely be able to tell you. There’s no limit on what you can buy at the liquor store – if you wanted you could go in there, buy 12 bottles of whiskey and drink it all to yourself and die in your sleep. Even if you ate 12 pot brownies you wouldn’t die. You may feel like you’re dying for a few hours but you’d pull through and probably be just a bit more careful next time.

When the floor opens for questions around 16:00 or so – the issue of number of complaints versus number of people benefitting from medical marijuana is brought up and it gets absolutely zero response or recognition from the Chief. Actually – at around 18:33, two people get kicked out for asking very legitimate questions that he had only been offering the flimsiest fucking answers to. I had to turn it off at that point for fear of throwing my computer out the window in frustration.

They asked this question and I will too – where do you think people will go to buy weed if they can’t get it from their dispensary? The government LP’s with the regulated “quality” being absolute shit? No – they’re going back to their friendly neighborhood drug dealer… just like before.

Moving backwards. Neato.