Daily Prompt: 1 word – Faraway


In a world where technology reigns supreme, why is it so hard to connect? In a literal sense, the ease of connecting is as simple as plugging something in; but the closer we get to technology, the farther away we get from personal connection.

They want us to think we’re more connected now, with social media making it easier to stay in touch and share moments. While that might be true, how high is the quality of these connections? For me, it comes down to the principle of quality over quantity. 50 Facebook “likes” a day versus 1 long, rambling conversation in person? I’d take the latter, any day.

I’ve never felt so faraway from human connection as I do right now – this April 6, 2016. I feel like everyone in the whole world is on their own little iceberg out in the middle of the universe’s ocean and we’re all drifting farther and farther apart every day. We’re being tricked into believing we’re more connected than ever, when really we’re slowly alienating ourselves and our loved ones in favor of a screen.

I can’t count the times I’ve been in social situations where people are just sitting, staring and clicking away at their phones instead of exchanging in a real life conversation. I just can’t get my head around it. The person you’re texting, wouldn’t you rather be able to talk to them in person? So, why not talk to the person you’re actually with? Or is someone you’ve never met’s Instagram account more interesting that the real life human sitting next to you, vying for your attention?

I feel like an old lady. Or maybe I’m just out of touch with the times. Almost 28 is still pretty young, but I’m old enough and wise enough to know what’s really fulfilling in this life; and it’s those real, human interactions – intriguing conversation, genuine laughs, hearing someone’s story, getting a glimpse into lives and worlds different to your own – that really make this life worth living.

So, maybe just take a day sometime (a weekend, if you can…) and be as Faraway from the internet as possible. Go outside. Enjoy the company of all of those interesting people around you – human beings and the world around us are quite astonishing if you can just pay any attention at all.