Terry – Eponymous Release

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If you are easily offended, don’t have a sense of humor or you’re just generally a boring person… don’t pick up this album. If you like laughing, especially if you have a slightly inappropriate sense of humor, you should definitely do yourself a favor and check out this album as soon as it’s out on January 31st. Colin Lamb’s trio offer a hilarious treat… something a little different to feast your ears on for dessert when you’re already way too full. It’s a total guilty pleasure – sometimes reminding me a little bit of Tenacious D.

The music itself is actually really pretty, especially to a Calgary girl like me who loves bluegrassy guitar riffs and cheesy country melodies. That along with the theme of totally immature, schoolyard humor and quite a few laugh out loud moments equals to me, a good comedy album. Colin is a true comedian, the guy is hilarious, but he also actually has a great voice with quite a range, can really play that gee-tar and write really catchy songs.

The overall theme of the album starts off strongly with “Mon Pere”, an ode to my Dad being able to kick your Dad’s ass. Naturally. Next up, “The Liquor” another little ode to something we all hold dear to our hearts, starts off nice and pretty, I’d be expecting Brad Paisley’s voice to start singing me a love song or something. Halfway through it picks up tempo and warns against the perils of drinking and having sex. All very relatable. The third track of the album was the first song I ever heard Colin perform live. It was called “Friend Zone” then I think, but is now titled “We’re Not Bangin”, which works too. The song is about a guy who wants to fuck a girl, but she’s sort of stringing him along and keeping him in the friend zone, (something I’m sure we can all relate to) and of course, the frustrated guy gets fed up (as they do) and puts it quite eloquently. When I first heard that song it resonated with me a lot because I just had been in that exact situation! The guy put it a little more delicately than that, but he might as well have just dedicated that song to me. The rest of the album is nonstop laughs. “Sister Banger” is a fan favorite for good reason, and one that you will not be able to get out of your head. They shot a video for it a few months ago, check it out here:

To sum it up, the album is funny. Listen to it. Get your copy on January 31st at Terry’s Seedy Release Party at Seven Dining Lounge on Broadway! Get event details here. And like Terry on Facebook!