The Lana Del Rey show last night surpassed my expectations. I expected it to be good, because I love her and she’s an amazing singer and an even better songwriter, I just didn’t really expect much of a SHOW in terms of pure entertainment value, but I was happily mistaken. First of all, I had no idea who the opening act was going to be, and it turned out to be Father John Misty! It was such a pleasant surprise. He’s a triple threat… hilarious and talented with a killer beard. Plus he has great showmanship and has an aptitude for great banter with the crowd. He borrowed a girl’s flower crown (80% of the girls there were wearing flower crowns. I missed the memo…) and wore it for an entire song. They ate it up. I’m not sure anyone else knew who he was… but I was excited. (For those of you who don’t know, Father John Misty was drummer and singer for the band, The Fleet Foxes, used to drum for the band Saxon Shore and is now performing solo as Father John Misty. His real name is Joshua Tillman.) This is one of my favourite songs by him:

Lana’s stage setup was gorgeous. It was all lit up in dark purple lights with dead tree branches and a magnificent gold throne in the center with a grand piano and other beautiful instruments seamlessly woven in. She started the show off with Cola, ended with National Anthem and even played a new song, Ultraviolence – the title track off her new album, which is scheduled to release next month. The only song I wanted to hear but didn’t, was This Is What Makes Us Girls, but she has a lot of hits so I understand she can’t play everything. She did however, play Carmen, which is one of my favorite of her lesser-known tracks. Her band was very energetic with great stage presence and her stage presence was actually a lot better than I’d heard. From what I had heard (seen on SNL…) I expected her to be static and to just stand there and sing into her mic without much interaction with the crowd, but she was walking around, dancing, talking to the crowd and clearly having fun with it. She was actually very charming and not awkward at all on stage like I had heard she is. Instead of an encore, the band jammed out on stage while she went down into the crowd to sign autographs and take selfies with all the screaming girls. It must have been a fun evening for the security guards.


It was my first show at the PNE amphitheater and I loved it. It has a very festival vibe to it, being an outdoor venue inside the PNE festival grounds. The backdrop to the stage was stunning with the mountains and low hanging clouds adding a little something extra to the show. It was dreary and trying to rain the whole time but it was kind of perfect.

All in all, it was a great concert. I would highly recommend seeing her live if you get the chance. Her huge voice belies her tiny little figure and she becomes somehow even more mesmerizing when she’s right there in front of you.

Fun fact: Lana Del Rey used to be known as as Lizzy Grant (her real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant), and she has also recorded under the pseudonym May Jailer. Check out this album that was leaked to YouTube in 2012. It’s her! I swear.

Thanks for gracing us with your beauty and talent, Lana! Can’t wait for the new album! XOXO