Discovering new music, rediscovering old music, and just getting lost in a beautiful album are a few of the things I live for. These 5 (new-ish) albums are ones that I consider noteworthy and that have been stuck on repeat for me lately, in no particular order.

1. Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart


If you’re into folk/punk, or just good British singer-songwriter type of music, you should get this album. Frank Turner’s distinguishable British accent and relatable and catchy lyrics will have you singing along in no time. It’s hard to pick a favorite off the album, but I really like Plain Sailing Weather. It reminds me a lot of my roommate, Ben. For no reason other than the simple fact that he loves sailing. And he’s British.

I also really like Four Simple Words. I like this one a lot because of its tempo and tone change right around the 1:25 mark. I really get off on songs like this. Plus, he has a rad moustache.

2. SOHN – Tremors


This album, brought to my attention by a dear friend and fellow music lover, Damon, is something that is a little outside my realm of “expertise”, but absolutely beautiful so I will write a bit about it nonetheless. I’m starting to get more and more into electronic music lately, and this is exactly the type that I enjoy. SOHN, Christopher Taylor, is an English songwriter and producer based out of Vienna, Austria. He is coming to Fortune Sound Club next month, on May 20th. You should probably get tickets, here!

This song, Artiface is bloody brilliant, if you ask me:

3. Chet Faker – Built on Glass


Ohhhh, Chet. What a beauty you are. I fell in love with him after his EP, Thinking In Textures that was released in 2012. His cover of No Diggity is one of the best I’ve heard, rivaled only by my friend Mark Woodyard. And the song I’m Into You is a damn good song to play in the bedroom. His new album, Built On Glass did not fail to impress me. I had high expectations and they were definitely met, if not exceeded. He is a master at the craft of songwriting and his voice turns me right into goo. It’s very hard to pick a favorite song. I shared 1998 on my last blog post so I will share Talk Is Cheap, this time. The song is beautiful and the video is pretty cool too. Plus, his beard should win an award of some sort. Beautiful man. He is also playing next month at Fortune Sound Club! On May 23rd. It looks to be sold out – but they will probably release a few at the door on the night of the show.

4. July Talk – July Talk


I discovered this band when I was looking at the lineup for Osheaga Festival in Montreal. Someone had commented saying, “July Talk should be headlining!” and it piqued my curiosity so I checked them out – and I’m SO happy I did! What a cool sound this band has. I absolutely love the male lead, Peter Dreimanis’ voice – it’s so gruff and sexy. The harmonies with the female lead, Leah Fay, are beautiful and they have this playful back and forth thing going on, which I love. This band was formed in 2012 in Toronto, giving us another great Canadian indie band to cheer for! Here’s one of my favorite songs from the album, Guns and Ammunition:

They are playing this summer at Squamish Festival, which I am very excited about! Yay! I think there are still some day passes left, check here.

5. Broken Bells – After The Disco


Broken Bells is a band that I have always known of, but never paid a whole lot of attention to. The radio station I used to work for overplayed a few of their songs so I always just kind of dismissed them. When I saw they were also playing Squamish Festival this summer and saw how excited people were about it, I decided to give it another go. I quite enjoy this album! This song, Holding On For Life, gets wedged into my head so hard that I end up humming it for days, and it’s a really trippy and beautiful video.

SO! Out of this particular slate of artists and albums that I’m raving about – the only one who I don’t have plans to see this summer is Frank Turner!

Frank! Come visit us in Canada soon, please! We want to dance! We want to dance! We want lust and love and a spattering of romance! 😉