Hi again! I realized that I tried to start this little project and then just stopped, for no good reason. That’s kind of my blogging style apparently.

Anyway! Here are the things have made me smile and that I am grateful for this week:

  • Compliments from strangers.
  • Good tea.
  • The new Chet Faker album. Buy it here! – DO IT! It’s beautiful.
  • The music video for Chet’s “1998”.
  • Knowing that I get to see him live SOON. May 23 @ Fortune.
  • A potential booking in the UK for The Fugitives.
  • Making it to 26 and being spoiled.
  • Meeting people who are important to people who are important to me.
  • Rain. April showers bring May flowers. 🙂
  • Being on the other side of the madness at the Art Gallery on 420.
  • Being in love.
  • Being loved by the best people in the world.

Chet Faker – 1998

What are yours!? Let’s share the happiness 🙂