You know that feeling that comes with spring? It’s this feeling that I can only really describe as hopeful, romantic, maybe even a little bit inspired? I can’t quite pinpoint the exact feeling… but it’s like being excited for a trip, or just that feeling of anticipation that something amazing is about to happen. I have that today. It can probably be chalked up to the weather… as it is a balmy +9 and sunny in Vancouver today. But let’s just think for a moment that it’s more than the weather… that things are actually starting to blossom. I’m putting this out into the universe because I really FEEL like things are starting to happen for me. At least I hope so. I applied for a job yesterday that I REALLY, really, really want. And I’ll be finding out next week about a part time gig that I also really want! Here’s hoping that this feeling I have is based on more than sunshine in Raincity in February. ❤