I know this song has gone incredibly mainstream and is played on all of all the pop radio stations and at all of the top 40 clubs, which is often the kind of music I loathe. BUT, I just have to write, again, to express my love for it… even though it is way overplayed and probably way under appreciated! It is so beautifully written and the lyrics really just RESONATE, don’t they?

“I used to carry the weight of the world, but I only have two hands. I hope I get the chance to travel the world, but I don’t have any plans. Wish I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes. Life’s a game made for everyone and love is the prize.”

You don’t have to like this kind of music to appreciate and relate to that message.

This song was written by Mike Einziger (who is playing guitar on the track), Aloe Blacc (who is singing) and of course Avicii.

Props guys. For real. ❤