Image The other day as I was picking up posters and tickets for my next show, the guys at the ticketing office told me I had a cheque to pick up from a show I organized months ago. I had totally forgotten about that cheque, because I knew it was only for about $4.35. It was the balance between tickets bought online and the money I owed for printing posters and tickets. Kinda sad. But we made good money at the door that night. Anyway, the $4 cheque totally slipped my mind until it was in my hands that day. I went home and put it on my nightstand, which is where it currently is. 

My budget is tight right now. I just started a new job and it’s a bit slow starting so funds are limited at the moment. Yesterday I was in the grocery store buying veggies for the stir fry I was making for some friends. I passed a bag of pine nuts… which are so good in stir fry. They were $4.35. I had to smile. It suddenly dawned on me how little importance we put on small change, but when we don’t have it – it’s never seemed so important. I didn’t buy the pine nuts. Because I hadn’t deposited that cheque. But when I do, I think I’ll just go buy them so my next stir fry can be that much better.

Take care of your possessions, especially money. Don’t just waste it away. $4 is not JUST $4… it’s a meal for a hungry mouth, that latte in the morning… and it adds up. I bet if you’d put the money from everything worth $4 that you needlessly justify buying into a savings account… it would fill up pretty fast.  

This is basically a pep talk for myself. But I can’t be the only one.