Artist management… what a strange and abstract concept. I’ve learned so much more about it lately, now that I’m working for a top dog music manager. Creative people require direction. Direction doesn’t sit well with creative people. They want control over their content, their lives, their decisions… and of course they do. Who wouldn’t? But the thing about creative people is that they struggle with making decisions and can be scatterbrained and flighty by nature. That is a generalization… but it’s mostly true from what I’ve seen in my short time in the music business. They may not want direction or feel that they need it, but the truth is… they do need it. And that is where good managers come in. 

Attempting to be an artist manager myself has been a very interesting endeavor. It’s frustrating at times, because although you are there to help them and provide direction for them, you can only do so much. They are the artist. They are the content creator. They are the ones that are going to give you work to do – but you have to be their “boss” and provide direction for them. When you’re as green at this as I am, It’s daunting and scary and frustrating and rewarding and exciting and nerve-racking… all at the same time.

I got this email today from the artist I’m managing. This is the type of thing that makes it all worthwhile:

“Hi Ashley,

Thanks for meeting with me last night. Somehow when I meet with you, I always feel like I find my True North again. You have something special  that really works for me and I want you to know that. You make it easy for me and you make things make sense for me. Thank you so much.

Today I woke up more positive and feeling like I could move forward….feeling like I could do “this”…whatever the “this” is that gives me anxiety. The world is a more peaceful place in my heart today thanks to you.” 

Thank you to Lori-Ann Speed for this amazing message. Sometimes when I’m unsure about what I’m doing with my life, these types of things happen that make it all crystal clear. I’m so honoured to play even the slightest part in helping musicians find their “True North”, as she put it. I think my boss, the never-faltering Bruce Allen would be proud.

Check out Lori-Ann’s soul soothing music here: and stay tuned for upcoming concerts. Tentative dates to mark in your calendar are November 17 and November 29, for those in Vancouver.

This is one of the many projects I’m working on right now, and one of the many things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving. To anyone who may be reading this… following your dreams is not easy. But the rewards are worth the challenges… I promise. Go out there today and do something to get you just a little closer to achieving your dream, whatever that dream may be.


Tra la la. ❤