I found this Slug (Atmosphere) interview from 2006. The girl interviewing him is brutal and the video itself is shaky and unfocused. Not a good interview by any stretch but of course it’s still interesting to me because I love everything that comes out of his beautiful mouth.

I love the way he just rips into her when she asks stupid questions or interrupts him while he’s talking. I would be so scared to interview him because he’s done SO many and has been asked the same damn questions over and over. I wouldn’t even take a shot at it unless I was confident that I had unique and interesting things to ask. That should be the golden rule for anyone doing interviews though, shouldn’t it?

I’d really like to see either George Strombo or Nardwuar interview him. That would be fantastic. Both of those guys are so good at asking interesting questions that engage the artist in conversation instead of rattling off generic questions like this broad.

Love you Slug. Where is the book you were talking about writing in 2006?! Still waiting on that…