I have been more and more candid lately about my position on marijuana. Maybe it’s living in Vancouver or maybe it’s just that I don’t feel the need to hide any aspect of my personality. I’m proud of who I am, and smoking pot is part of what makes me, me. I’ll say it loud and clear, and I really don’t care who reads this… I love weed. It’s helped me through a couple bad injuries and is better for you than 80% of the medicine on the market.

You don’t see those seedy lawyer commercials popping up 3 years after a new strand of weed gets released to the market. Imagine? “Have you or anyone you know taken this BUBBA KUSH and suffered any of these side effects? Pain relief, ease sleeping, hunger, laughter or relaxation? Call now! You may be entitled to compensation! Pfff.

When I broke my foot and ran out of my Percocet prescription, all the doctor would give me was Tylenol 3 even though I’m allergic to codeine. What else is a girl supposed to do? Marijuana really did get me through the worst of my injury. And then again when I broke my tailbone and all the doctor said to me was “Yep. It’s broken. Get some Aleve.” Again – Aleve doesn’t do shit. I smoked weed every day because it was the only painkiller that actually worked and didn’t make me feel sick.

The worst thing that happens when people get high is they neglect their chores or eat tomorrow’s lunch. Not one single person has ever, to this day, died from smoking pot. Alcohol is infinitely more dangerous than smoking a little bit of weed. Anyway, I could go on forever regarding my opinion on “dope” but the purpose of this is not to address that.

It’s to address this silliness that is all this focus on whether or not political leaders have EVER smoked pot in their lives. What the hell kind of question is that and why does it matter? Do you WANT your leaders to lie to you? Because when cornered with a question like this, they will obviously omit at least some of the truth. My bet is that at least 50% of leaders in power in Canada right now, smoke weed regularly. As in, at least once or twice a week. But all the answers from the leaders are “Oh, I tried it once in high school. It wasn’t for me” Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, right. Why even waste time on this subject anyway is what I want to know. Everyone and their dog smokes weed these days. It’s a PLANT for goodness sakes. A plant that has many medicinal qualities and has helped millions of people through injuries and made illnesses more bearable.

Who CARES if our leaders have ever smoked pot in their lives? Maybe the ones who haven’t… should give it a go so they’re not wound up so tight all the time.