This is utter bullshit. Is the Canadian government TRYING to eliminate all culture and art in our beautiful country? It sure seems that way. This article outlines a new bill that was just passed imposing higher fees on foreign workers, including touring musicians. This will essentially stop all small to medium sized artists from coming to play shows in Canada, and for what reason? To stop foreigners from stealing Canadian jobs? To me it’s either just a desperate money grab or they actually have some outlandish ulterior motive to turn Canada into a culturally devoid, lifeless mass of land. With the cut of tax incentives in the film industry and now these insane fees for touring artists… it’s hard to think otherwise! This is certainly not the Canada I know and love and call home.

We are babies in comparison to a lot of other music and art hubs like the UK and the USA but there is so much potential in Canada and SO much talent. But the government just turns up their noses and brushes it off. Art? Who needs art anyway? 

Please, anyone who may read this – check out the article below and do what you can to help reverse these ridiculous fees. I just emailed a complaint in via the link that is included in the article. It took me no more than five minutes. Do something!