Sonja just left. Our visit was too short. I could spend a lifetime just talking with the girl. She is a ray of sunshine. Even though our visit was fleeting… it was like no time at all had passed and nothing at all has changed. Even though EVERYTHING has changed. I live in Vancouver. She has a baby. We are on such unexpected and different paths than we were on even just 2 short years ago when we were living together in Calgary. I am so happy to have shown her around my new world a little bit, and to have introduced her to some key people in my life. She got to see Mark play. Which is magical just in itself. I wish we all got more time to hang out together. I feel like they are automatically friends by default. Hanging out with Sonja & Tara together, watching Mark play… was some kind of heaven. Just when I think I can’t get any happier, I do.

ImageWe were 15 in this photo. This was 10 years ago. Our love has done nothing but solidify, evolve and grow over time. I am so proud to be able to call this incredible human being my best friend. Happy 1st Mother’s Day, beautiful. Go home & give big, wet smooches to your boys for me. Xo