Oregon is my new favourite place. Portland is such a culturally rich and interesting city. Our first night there we found ourselves in this really cool bar called Kelly’s Olympian with a bunch of vintage motorcycles hanging from the roof, it had a really cool vibe.


That was our first glimpse at just how CHEAP the booze is there. “Happy hour” was from 11pm-1am where all the beer on their menu is $1 off, and it was already $3-$4 so we were paying $2-$3 for the most delicious, premium, locally brewed beer. For two beer lovers like us – it was heaven! We knew it would be cheap, we didn’t know it would be THAT cheap. & what bar has happy hour from 11pm-1am!? Amazing! We had to shake off a pretty creepy dude that night though – some old guy about 50 named Keith who came to chat with us and bought us a couple beers and then expected us to hang out with him and his friends the next day. He got all mean & cold when we didn’t give him our number… like c’mon bud. Sorry you wasted a whopping $6 on beer for us and you didn’t get any action.

We had a Brewcycle tour booked for the next day, but it got moved to the Friday which ended up working out great. On Thursday we went on a long, 14km, 6 hour hike in the Multnomah Falls national park. It was straight out of a postcard – absolutely breathtaking. The photos we took were amazing – this one I stole from the net but I will put up the photos we took when I get them from Tar! This photo doesn’t even do the park justice – beautiful waterfalls scattered throughout the entire park with lush, mossy green trees and rocks everywhere.


We stopped for a beer break at the end of the paved path and sat on a log that jutted out over the river and enjoyed 2 refreshing beers. We had a bag of almonds in our backpack and we tossed them down for some little chipmunk dudes to eat and sat there for probably a half hour just watching them stuff almonds in their cheeks! It was adorable. We didn’t plan to hike the full 14k but when we made it to the fork in the path where we had the decision to hike to the summit or to start going down, we decided to do the whole thing. I’m glad we did! We were in rough shape by the end of it, but at least now we can say we climbed that mountain all the way to the top! The view was stunning where we stopped for lunch. We were so high up I had insane butterflies when I looked down from the rock we were sitting on. We expected a little more of a formal viewpoint though and were a little confused when we got to the very summit and the view was completely blocked by a bunch of dead trees. It was still worth it though!

Thursday night we dragged ourselves out of bed after our much-needed nap and went to this really awesome bar called Dante’s Inferno which was recommended to us by our friend Lyndsay who was in Portland a few days before we were. It’s a rock & roll burlesque bar and we saw 2 REALLY wicked delta blues bands from New Orleans called Jelly Bread & the Rosehunters. They were both 5-6 piece bands with trombones, saxophones and an array of other instruments. Later on, they all got on stage together and played and it was phenomenal! The drummer started belting out James Brown style vocals at the end of the show and completely blew us away! $2 tall cans of beer and some of the best live music I’ve ever heard: damn good night.

Part 2 coming shortly… stay tuned. 🙂