The other day I was walking down Commercial Drive in such a good mood. It was sunny, I had a productive day and I was on my way to meet some good friends for dinner. Walking down the street people watching, I saw 3 things consecutively in about a 3 minute span that made me smile:

1. A guy with his nose in a book, totally engrossed, mid-walk. I love that! I love being so into a book that you read while you’re walking. I have had a few mishaps while doing this (no surprise there)… totally worth it though. 

2. A guy with headphones in, singing aloud along to the song he was listening to. I didn’t recognize the song, but he was loving it! I wish I had the balls to sing out loud on a crowded street like that! Why the hell not!? Haha, I’ll try next time.

3. A guy who just finished the last bite on his plate of food, and had the most content look on his face. Gotta LOVE the feeling of total contentment after a good meal. 

Isn’t life just so rad? I get such pleasure out of these “little things” that all stack up to make life so awesome. So cool seeing 3 things like this in a row! People don’t comment nearly enough about the positive things they see – people are so willing to talk about negative things and don’t put nearly enough emphasis on the positive… there is a major shift of perception that needs to happen in this world! Starting with YOU & ME!

Share happy things!!!! Reading and walking, singing out loud in a crowded place, contentment after a meal – SO SIMPLE… but so damn WONDERFUL.