Oh! Hello from this side of an epic weekend. 🙂

Well, I survived an unexpectedly heavy but insanely fun weekend. Friday night turned into one for the books. Benny Wise & Mark Woodyard played at a coffee shop in Kitsilano called Cuppa Joy and as Ben said the next day, we turned it into the most vibrant place in the city that night. When we first got there, 4 of us were the only people in there other than a family with a bunch of screaming kids. It was pretty funny. We got coffee & tea as we watched Ben set up. The place transformed almost instantly as he started to play. He has a way of bringing people together. Our friends piled in, taking over both levels of the place. Joining him later was the incredibly talented Mark Woodyard. It was a night of great music, great friends & the perfect way to bid farewell to Ben before he sets sail. After Ben played 2 awesome sets, Mark naturally gravitated towards the mic and just… played. It was magic. Everyone was singing and dancing and he was taking all sorts of requests and nailing every single one of them. He played renditions of Spice Girls, Led Zeppelin, Outkast… all of them equally as incredible with a touch of the Mark Woodyard flare. The talent I’m surrounded by on a daily basis astonishes me. It seems it’s always been this way. How lucky I am to be surrounded by such beautiful, talented, passionate people! Wow… I sound like a hippy…

Maybe because I just watched a documentary called Magic Trip. It’s about Ken Kesey, the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and how he lit the fuse of the hippy culture in the US in early 60’s. They were among the first people to rent a bus, paint all over it and road trip across America, they were also the among the first to experiment with LSD.


I recommend watching it.

Saturday… was The Dreadnoughts show. And those guys do indeed put on one HELL of a show.  I took part in my very first “wall of death” in the mosh pit. I usually choose to sit that one out even given my love for moshing, but something came over me and I was right there in the middle of it. I walked away with a messed up knee and countless bruises including some on my face. Ain’t no thang. Being in a punk mosh pit is one of my favourite experiences. It’s such high energy and I literally cannot stop smiling and giggling, even as I’m getting punched the head and elbowed in the ribs. I get really surprised looks from people.

Sunday… well, Sunday was St. Patrick’s day. Which called for day drinking of green beers with Tar, obviously. We got silly with temporary tattoos and St. Patty’s day garb and went to the Moose for cheap beers. We ended up at a house party where we danced on a coffee table until it broke, sending us all flying into a pretzel shaped heap on the floor. It was hilarious. I think someone has it on video somewhere… definitely want to get my hands on that. Oh and it didn’t stop there… we continued to jump on the broken Ikea table until there were about 50 heel shaped holes in it before it was hauled out to the balcony to be taken out to the trash. I wanted to paint it.

Monday… doesn’t count. Epic hangover, injuries and remnants of a cold all hit me at once and now I need a BREATHER from the madness. Time to rezone and refocus. Big things on the horizon.

Thanks for reading. You’re wonderful.