Today was almost too cool for words. I spent my morning learning about the use of music in film, television and advertising from an instructor I look up to as a mentor so much. Later on, that same instructor approached me and said that he has a potentially really great opportunity for me and to go talk to him about it tomorrow. I’m so excited to see what this might be! There are opportunities around every corner lately it seems and I’ve never felt more open to them. I have been feeling so inspired lately and I really think I’m ready to start reaching my full potential. I’ve been lazy these last few months. I’ve still managed to impress people and accomplish some amazing things… but I know myself and I know I have been lazy in comparison to what I COULD be doing. If I find a way to shine when I’m only giving things a half assed effort, imagine what I could accomplish if I gave it my all? Our idea for our final project is starting to come to light a little more and the excitement is almost paralyzing! I don’t want to say too much yet because it’ll ruin the surprise… but let’s just say our idea has the potential to be a PRETTY big deal if we do it right.

Oh, and happy 22nd birthday to my beautiful sister who I miss so much! ❤ Love you to pieces, woman. AND I just found out that my best friend Sonja is coming to visit me in May and I’m SO EXCITED I COULD THROW UP! Don’t worry… I won’t… but really, she had a beautiful baby boy in November and this will be her first time away and her first time getting DRUNK. Cannot wait. Oh and Tara got her days off confirmed in April so we are planning our Portland trip ASAP!


Songs for today:

A Perfect Circle – Judith

Atmosphere – Hope

Good night beautiful people! ❤