Ugh! I’ve been hit with an awful cold… it came out of nowhere! I don’t have time for this. It’s so beautiful & sunny out today and it’s totally wasted on me as I’m laying in bed drinking tea, eating oranges… and sneezing every 5 minutes. I have been in need of good day in though to focus on building up my music library and doing research for my next big project. If I had it my way I would have ridden my bike to F as in Frank to bank some hours and get some extra cash, but nope. Just me and my tunes in bed all day today. It has given me time to download a lot of awesome music though and get some insight on what it would take to organize a branded music festival. I’m trying to find a way to transform my love for music festivals into a career… and since I can do almost anything I want for my final project at school, I figure why the hell not organize a festival so I can get some first hand experience and see if that’s really what I want to do for a living. Thankfully I have Carlos Hernandez Serrano as my business partner… I have a feeling we’ll be able to do great things together. We’re pretty much the same person and we have a lot of the same dreams. How lucky am I to actually be able to chase my dreams in such a tangible way?

Last night I got such a nice surprise! My good friend Tim from home called me and was in Vancouver and wanted to go for a beer. It was so nice to catch up with him. It came at such a nice time too, I’ve really been missing my friends from home lately. Seeing his name on my phone was such a nice surprise and I’m so happy he made the effort to call me to meet up even if it was just for 2 beers and a quick chat. Good boy! We have one of those friendships that time really doesn’t affect. I love him & I’m so happy for him and his beautiful lady Jodi for just buying a house together! All my friends from home are growing up so fast, it’s kind of surreal to think about where we all were even just 2 short years ago and how much has changed since then.

It’s starting to feel like spring in Vancouver and it gives me that feeling that only the beginning of spring gives me. It’s that feeling of falling in love, or the feeling that you want to fall in love. The sun peeking out from the clouds and all the flowers starting to blossom, it gives you that little sparkle of hope that something really special is on the horizon. I can’t tell if it’s just the spell of springtime or if it’s for real, but my heart hasn’t felt quite like this in a while. New adventures are on the horizon and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings. There is so much to look forward to, it’s almost overwhelming! New relationships… new challenges… and a whole new chapter. ❤

Anyway I’m done blabbing on for now… have a beautiful day to all who may have read this! Go kiss someone you love, and smile at a stranger. 🙂

Song of the day:

Ben Harper – Gold to me