2013 is shaping up to be beyond amazing! I’m going on a road trip to Portland with my best friend Tara in April, Sasquatch in May with my lady Danny Babs and I just got my ticket for the Squamish Festival in August featuring Queens of the Stone Age & Gogol Bordello! Yeahhhhh! Also I’ll be graduating the Entertainment Business Management program at VFS and will hopefully land myself a super sweet job and can save up to be a bridesmaid in my girl Sheena’s wedding in Mexico in November! Life is pretty wonderful!

The sun in shining in Raincity today and it feels like spring is on the horizon. I have a pink flower in my hair to go with the theme of springtime (although I did wear it all throughout winter…) and I’m just on break in my game development class. My homework for the weekend was to make a board game. We made the most epic board (drinking) game ever and played it all weekend. Hence the slightly foggy brain I have this morning.

I saw a really cool metal band over the weekend at Funky Winker Beans (that place is awesome), called Anchoress. There were good. I bought a shirt. I was listening to live metal and playing foosball with a sexy boy (and winning…), not very many better ways to spend a Saturday night in my opinion!

Ahhh there are too many awesome concerts coming up in March and I’m too broke to go to them all! First world problems…

Song of the day:

Queens of the Stone Age – I’m Designer

^ Can’t wait to see these guys live again this summer! They never cease to impress! ❤

Check out these guys! Anchoress