Hello all & welcome!

It has been on my “to do” list for quite some time to start a blog. I started a Tumblr page as soon as I moved to Van, I was pretty proud of it – but then realized that no one could actually see it unless they had a Tumblr account, and most of my friends don’t… So I unfortunately let it fall to the wayside. But I’m back now, on WordPress, ready to write & share! What better time to start than a brand new year?! And really… since the world didn’t end as expected, in a sense doesn’t that mean the beginning of an entirely new era? It’s up to US to make it awesome! 

Currently I’m sitting here giggling with my awesome roommate Benjamin Wise. How I got so lucky, I’ll never know! We saw Django Unchained last night, and we’re talking about how it must be a completely different experience to watch that movie as a black person… especially someone with more left-wing views. I’d like to chat with someone like that about the movie actually… would make for an interesting conversation. If you haven’t seen Django yet – seriously, go see it! It’s a masterpiece! Tarantino has never let me down, but this film was thoroughly entertaining from front to back, with a phenomenal soundtrack. It was also my first time at the Rio Theatre on Commercial & Broadway. I’d never been to an old-school theatre like that. They serve booze. Such a cool experience – too bad I’ve given up drinking this month. LENT! Haha, no. Just actually listening to my body for once.

Today has been a fantastic day! I feel on top of my priorities and ready to take on new challenges. I’ve shaken the depression I was feeling over the holidays (am I the only one who gets like that??) and am fully ready to rock this year!


Nickel Creek – When You Come Back Down

^ Recommended to me by Benny… I’ve fallen in love with this guy’s voice. i love Bluegrass!

Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple

^ This song is hilarious and so catchy. These guys are insanely good live. Gypsy punk… enough said.