Oh, the Modern World

Rebellious and defiant, don’t tell me what to do

Unless you’re prepared to do it too

A world rife with hypocrisy

Corporations rising to greatness

While their cogs are bound to mediocracy

Modern slavery is alive and well

Expecting quality, productivity, motivation

(You’re lucky to have a job in this great nation)

Not even paying the basic living wage

But it’s okay, we’re replaceable

Cogs in a machine, rats in a cage

Oh, the modern world.


You’d quit if you could, but the bills are piling up

On the cheapest plan, this broadband connection might as well be dialling up

Click bait, fear and hate

How many clicks does it take to get to the centre of your marketing campaign?

On the bright side

We have validation at our fingertips

Our social status can swell right up, with a quick succession of  clicks


Comedy is cathartic, the expression of art

How liberating it is, to speak and create freely

We’re so lucky, in this free world of ours

Just be careful not to offend anyone

It could be your job on the line

Like our friend Justine,

Fired for a bad punchline.


With all these rules and regulations

Is it still free speech?

Pseudo-censorship, giving you the exact news you want to see

Sheltering the scared, feeding the insecure

Keeping them inside their own little bubble-wrapped life, tailored to cozy delight

The echo chamber, just a collection of funhouse mirrors

An eternal feedback loop of their very own thoughts and fears

If you’re never challenged, you must always be right



Oh, the modern world.



Energy. Such a loaded word. Scientifically, energy is the capacity to do work; neurons bouncing around in our brain cells, floating around in our bodies. Spiritually, it’s so much more. It’s tiring being overly susceptible to energy, when the weight of a room can physically drag you down. Being an empath is a blessing and a curse. It’s exhausting, of course, to take on the energy of the world as we do, but it’s also a gift. And with any great power comes great responsibility.

Energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred.

So the job of an empath is, when accosted by negative energy, to transform it into positive energy before remitting it back into the atmosphere. Exhausting? Yes. Some empaths don’t have the energy themselves to take on the burden, and I’ve seen first hand the destruction this can cause, but it’s important that we do. If we don’t, who will?

We do not have a choice. We are born empaths, we do not choose this trait for ourselves. Who on earth would choose to take on such a heavy burden? We are blessed and cursed simultaneously with such power, whether we like it or not. Certainly, empaths are not inherently good, just like any race, religion or gender is not inherently good or bad. So we need to make sure the good ones don’t succumb to the exhaustion. For every good empath who is too weak to use their powers, there’s a bad one who is not.

Society’s pressure to always be positive is bullshit. We’re all allowed to be sad, angry, and have and express negative emotions. The problem is that the negative energy is much more powerful than positive energy, so the job of the empath is to mitigate the power expelled from darkness and transform it into light.

How do you know if you’re an empath? Trust me, you know.

Open Doors

This life is so full of twists and turns. Topsy turvy surprises, goosebumps at unexpected times. Open minds open doors. Closed minds keep them shut and locked tight.

Being curious enough to open a door and having the courage to walk through it allows you to experience things that don’t even touch the wildest dreams of the narrow minded.

These adventures, these crazy risks provide more wealth than any bank account could ever reflect.

The comfort zone is a [suffocating] warm blanket. Wrapped tightly [around your neck] keeping you warm [restricting your breath] 

Not allowing you to move, to adapt to the climate around you. It’s so cliche but it’s true – you’re more likely to regret the things you don’t do.

Recklessness teaches valuable lessons. Mistakes are necessary. Nobody would learn a damn thing if it weren’t for failure.

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul

It’s impossible to alienate others, you can only alienate yourself.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Manifesting your deepest, darkest fears into reality.

Insecurity multiplies when overfed. And we’re always overfeeding our insecurities.

Gluttonous damn things.

They require TLC, luxurious meals on a silver platter. Served by an ego with a bow-tie.

Ego loves insecurity. It cannot flourish without it.

Starve the ego

Feed the soul

It’s lonely, isn’t it? When all your friends go away.

The competition is over, and there is no winner.

If you want to be alone, just say so, but I don’t think that’s what you really want.

Maybe it is, right now. But the nights get dark and cold.

We all want to be alone,

Until we are.

Ode to the Rain

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 1.24.52 PM

The rain

Sounds like comfort, smells like home

Reminds me that it’s okay to be sad sometimes

The earth has been thirsty

The grass is becoming greener before my very eyes

I go out and stand in it, pretending to be a tree

Drinking it all in, letting it rinse, refresh and rejuvenate me

Sunshine is great and all, but this moody weather has more personality

It ignites a sort of quiet inspiration

Content to stay inside, to be quiet and just listen

Dancing in the rain, like a cold shower or a dip in a glacier river

Wakes me up, jolts me back to a place of balance

For my overactive and anxious mind, the rain was a gift today

Mother Nature sometimes seems to know just what the soul needs

We want sunshine, we need rain. 

Once in a Blue Moon


Once in a blue moon

Not never, not often

The universe conspires to reveal its secrets

To those with their eyes open

The majority walks around blind

Without knowing it

Like putting on glasses with the right prescription

When you didn’t even know you needed them

Colours suddenly so vivid

You can’t believe what you’ve been missing this whole time

Only then, with full scope of vision

Can you witness the magic.

Everyone can

Not everyone does

The ability, the power

Are there

The desire, often the knowledge of the mere possibility

Are what lacks

Those who know of more, and those brave enough to go find it

Are the ones with the answers.


Once in a blue moon

Not never, not often

A portal opens into another dimension

And things start to vibrate on a different frequency

Higher, more in-tune

Smells, energies, sounds

Resonating deeper

Suddenly making perfect sense

If only for a moment

Before chaos interrupts

To summon us back to the base world

Confusion, fear, anxiety

Overwhelm us into believing

It was all a dream.


Once in a blue moon

Not never, not often

Reality slips into a dreamlike state

Ordinary things become magical

Because if you really pay attention

They are.

The secret

The portal

The dream

Are all right here

You don’t even have to go anywhere

Just open your eyes

Put on your glasses

Shut up for a minute

And you’ll find it.


Sooner or later

Once in a blue moon

You’ll find it.


(Photo by earthsky.org / words by me)

Fountain of Youth

Drowning our youth in bottles of perfume

Fake IDs and men’s fleeing attention

Young and beautiful, the power feels endless

Little do we know

It’s meaningless

When there’s no self worth to back it up

When we’re young, all we want is to be older

Makeup, men, perfume

As soon as we hit the age we wanted we to be

Reality is cruel

We want nothing but to be young again

When I see people wishing it away, I want to shake them

A good reminder to soak up the moment

We’re only this age once

And every decade, every year, every month, every day that goes by will be missed with the pang of nostalgia

It’s difficult to live in the moment

The enlightened work hard to get there.