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Daydreams of beaches, lush forests

Fresh ocean air, salty winds

Turquoise waters sparkling

A gleaming invitation


But that’s the future

Now is for now alone

Remaining moments

A city once foreign


Then full of unknown allure

A magnet, pulling me across the sea

It’s home now, almost

The allure, now familiar, hasn’t faded


Wishing it away

Is not an option

Wrapped up in a blanket

A gloomy June day in London


A loft conversion

Hampstead Heath

A temporary escape

A necessary stepping-stone


The cross breeze

Children laughing

BBC Radio Six

The passing train


Will all fade soon into a distant memory

A month is a fraction of a second

On the grand scale

A flicker of the eyelid


My son, my love

A whole new meaning

The purpose I’ve always longed for

A life growing inside me


Right here, right now

A gift, the present

Planes, trains and automobiles

Couldn’t tempt me to leave


Feet firmly planted

It’s all too often wished away

Pushed aside



A deep breath

Drinking in the ever-temporary

The ever-permanent


Find The Right Scene

Not a fleck of ill wished upon those who with I’ve parted ways

Young hearts don’t know it yet, but paths cross and paths stray

Naive certainty, almost got tattoos of our favourite song

We had no way of knowing then, that we were just plain wrong

If I could go back and change things, which of course I cannot

I wouldn’t change a single thing, it just wasn’t what we thought

‘Friends forever’ when you’re young, it’s an easy thing to say

But blindly holding onto things, can be a hefty price to pay

Without you even knowing it, people can wear you down

Waving their hands while they’re watching you drown

Maybe we grew apart in time, and chose different paths

Or maybe it was deeper, maybe the pain outweighed the laughs

Sometime’s it’s a choice we make, or just life’s ebb and flow

But the story remains the same, people come and people go

It takes some selfish choices, to decide who gets a share of your life

It’s more important than you think, like choosing a husband or a wife

You are who you surround yourself with, so take a look around

If they’re not lifting you up, they’re dragging you to the ground

Friends should support and encourage you, not roll their eyes and scoff

This strange competition no one wins, stop the ride, I’m getting off

I wish nothing but the best, to those I’ve left behind

I’d say it wasn’t personal, but that would be a lie

It might take years to figure out, and I know sounds cliché

But a true friend will be there, at the end of the coldest, darkest day

So hold on as tight as you can, to those who make the cut

The ones who listen, cry and laugh with you, the ones who lift you up



“We would never let another person jerk us around the way our impulses do. It’s time we start seeing it that way – that we’re not puppets that can make to dance this way or what way just because we feel like it. We should be the ones in control, not our emotions, because we are independent, self sufficient people.”

– Ryan Holiday // February 2’s entry in The Daily Stoic: A Proper Frame of Mind

I used to be an impulsive person. I didn’t see the problem with doing what I wanted, when I wanted, just for the sake of doing it. Recently, someone important in my life has asked me why I’ve done certain things, and he’s not satisfied with the answer “because I wanted to.” Only recently have I started to reflect on the dangers of my impulses.

Impulse is the irresponsible sibling of instinct. An instinctual and intuitive response to something, while it may not always be right, has the potential to be life saving. Following my intuition has rarely led me astray, in fact I’m fairly confident it’s saved my life a few times. My impulses however, have landed me in a world of trouble, many times. It’s action without thought. Thought without reason. I used to think being impulsive meant having fun. Living on a whim. The key to avoiding a boring life. I think my problem was that I was confusing impulsiveness with spontaneity. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being spontaneous, in fact I think it’s a great quality to have. But the difference I think, between being spontaneous and being impulsive, is that spontaneity allows the mind time to consider the impact of the action before making the decision, where impulse does not. Not only does impulse not consider the impact, it doesn’t care. It’s that surface friend; who’s fun to party with, but who would stab you in the back given half a chance.

I’ve started to learn to analyze my impulses when they arise, to determine why I want something, rather than blindly justifying the want itself. Of course we will want, we’re human. But the reason for wanting something is much more interesting. Much more worthy of consideration. Impulse buying, for example, is something we’re all likely guilty of. Why do we want that thing? In the moment it almost feels like a need. That’s the trickery of impulse. It tricks us into thinking we need something that is merely a want. And if you think about it, it’s rarely something that will bring meaning to our lives. So I think it’s good practice when we want something, to ask ourselves why we want it. If the answer is “because I do”, that’s not good enough. Until you can give yourself a better reason – resist.

Temptation will always be there. It’s tempting for a reason. A nice, healthy salad will never be as tempting as a slice of chocolate cake. Impulse is gluttonous. It wants for the sake of wanting, and nothing more.

Jan 15: Peace is in Staying the Course

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 1.20.39 pm

Clarity of vision. It’s easier said than done in this fast paced, distraction wielding world. Traps of self doubt are set for us everywhere, and as soon as we make a decision one way or another, there are imps all around us, chirping and yacking in our ears trying to make us question ourselves.

Tranquility is found in having the faith to stick to our decisions and follow them through. The grass is not greener on the other side; it’s nothing but a well-designed trap. Peace comes from resolve. There’s no point sitting around pondering life’s “what ifs”. The path chosen is the path we were meant to take.

It’s true, the butterfly effect that cascades from every choice we make is as real as a ripple in the water from a stone thrown, but true torment is wondering what life would be like if we turned left instead of right.

Fact is, you turned left for a reason. Own it. Live with it. As if we have any other choice.

– – –

Thoughts provoked by The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday // Buy the book here

Oh, the Modern World

Rebellious and defiant, don’t tell me what to do

Unless you’re prepared to do it too

A world rife with hypocrisy

Corporations rising to greatness

While their cogs are bound to mediocracy

Modern slavery is alive and well

Expecting quality, productivity, motivation

(You’re lucky to have a job in this great nation)

Not even paying the basic living wage

But it’s okay, we’re replaceable

Cogs in a machine, rats in a cage

Oh, the modern world.


You’d quit if you could, but the bills are piling up

On the cheapest plan, this broadband connection might as well be dialling up

Click bait, fear and hate

How many clicks does it take to get to the centre of your marketing campaign?

On the bright side

We have validation at our fingertips

Our social status can swell right up, with a quick succession of  clicks


Comedy is cathartic, the expression of art

How liberating it is, to speak and create freely

We’re so lucky, in this free world of ours

Just be careful not to offend anyone

It could be your job on the line

Like our friend Justine,

Fired for a bad punchline.


With all these rules and regulations

Is it still free speech?

Pseudo-censorship, giving you the exact news you want to see

Sheltering the scared, feeding the insecure

Keeping them inside their own little bubble-wrapped life, tailored to cozy delight

The echo chamber, just a collection of funhouse mirrors

An eternal feedback loop of their very own thoughts and fears

If you’re never challenged, you must always be right



Oh, the modern world.


Energy. Such a loaded word. Scientifically, energy is the capacity to do work; neurons bouncing around in our brain cells, floating around in our bodies. Spiritually, it’s so much more. It’s tiring being overly susceptible to energy, when the weight of a room can physically drag you down. Being an empath is a blessing and a curse. It’s exhausting, of course, to take on the energy of the world as we do, but it’s also a gift. And with any great power comes great responsibility.

Energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred.

So the job of an empath is, when accosted by negative energy, to transform it into positive energy before remitting it back into the atmosphere. Exhausting? Yes. Some empaths don’t have the energy themselves to take on the burden, and I’ve seen first hand the destruction this can cause, but it’s important that we do. If we don’t, who will?

We do not have a choice. We are born empaths, we do not choose this trait for ourselves. Who on earth would choose to take on such a heavy burden? We are blessed and cursed simultaneously with such power, whether we like it or not. Certainly, empaths are not inherently good, just like any race, religion or gender is not inherently good or bad. So we need to make sure the good ones don’t succumb to the exhaustion. For every good empath who is too weak to use their powers, there’s a bad one who is not.

Society’s pressure to always be positive is bullshit. We’re all allowed to be sad, angry, and have and express negative emotions. The problem is that the negative energy is much more powerful than positive energy, so the job of the empath is to mitigate the power expelled from darkness and transform it into light.

How do you know if you’re an empath? Trust me, you know.