Ode to the Rain

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The rain

Sounds like comfort, smells like home

Reminds me that it’s okay to be sad sometimes

The earth has been thirsty

The grass is becoming greener before my very eyes

I go out and stand in it, pretending to be a tree

Drinking it all in, letting it rinse, refresh and rejuvenate me

Sunshine is great and all, but this moody weather has more personality

It ignites a sort of quiet inspiration

Content to stay inside, to be quiet and just listen

Dancing in the rain, like a cold shower or a dip in a glacier river

Wakes me up, jolts me back to a place of balance

For my overactive and anxious mind, the rain was a gift today

Mother Nature sometimes seems to know just what the soul needs

We want sunshine, we need rain. 


Once in a Blue Moon


Once in a blue moon

Not never, not often

The universe conspires to reveal its secrets

To those with their eyes open

The majority walks around blind

Without knowing it

Like putting on glasses with the right prescription

When you didn’t even know you needed them

Colours suddenly so vivid

You can’t believe what you’ve been missing this whole time

Only then, with full scope of vision

Can you witness the magic.

Everyone can

Not everyone does

The ability, the power

Are there

The desire, often the knowledge of the mere possibility

Are what lacks

Those who know of more, and those brave enough to go find it

Are the ones with the answers.


Once in a blue moon

Not never, not often

A portal opens into another dimension

And things start to vibrate on a different frequency

Higher, more in-tune

Smells, energies, sounds

Resonating deeper

Suddenly making perfect sense

If only for a moment

Before chaos interrupts

To summon us back to the base world

Confusion, fear, anxiety

Overwhelm us into believing

It was all a dream.


Once in a blue moon

Not never, not often

Reality slips into a dreamlike state

Ordinary things become magical

Because if you really pay attention

They are.

The secret

The portal

The dream

Are all right here

You don’t even have to go anywhere

Just open your eyes

Put on your glasses

Shut up for a minute

And you’ll find it.


Sooner or later

Once in a blue moon

You’ll find it.


(Photo by earthsky.org / words by me)

Fountain of Youth

Drowning our youth in bottles of perfume

Fake IDs and men’s fleeing attention

Young and beautiful, the power feels endless

Little do we know

It’s meaningless

When there’s no self worth to back it up

When we’re young, all we want is to be older

Makeup, men, perfume

As soon as we hit the age we wanted we to be

Reality is cruel

We want nothing but to be young again

When I see people wishing it away, I want to shake them

A good reminder to soak up the moment

We’re only this age once

And every decade, every year, every month, every day that goes by will be missed with the pang of nostalgia

It’s difficult to live in the moment

The enlightened work hard to get there.


I resolve… to do nothing


As 2017 dwindles away and seeps into the past, I reflect fondly on all my memories from the last year. Almost a year ago, I said goodbye to all the familiarity I’ve ever known and set out on what would perhaps be the grandest adventure of my life.

I went into it with a certain amount of expectation and honestly, it was all shattered and sent flying into the abyss in tiny shards of surprise reality. There’s no way to predict anything. There is no certainty at all in the life of a true free spirit. Some others my age may be able to predict what lies ahead of them in 2018, and while nothing in this crazy life is certain, it’s likely that their stable lives will heed their predictions, maybe even to the last fine detail.

But me, embarking on year two of this grand adventure of mine, my only resolution for 2018 is to be as completely free from expectation as possible. I will go where the wind takes me, as I’ve grown so accustomed to doing. I will live in the moment to the best of my ability and worry as little as possible. This is my time to truly be free. Freer than I’ve ever been; freer than I may ever be again. Open to anything, anyone, anywhere. Trusting the wind to blow me where I’m supposed to go, without trying to foresee where that might be.

A new year is more a time for reflecting than resolving. Reflect on the year past, vow to respect the lessons that have come from the mistakes, cherish the magic of the memories made, take comfort in the positive reinforcement, and go forth without placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. Vow to be better, wholly. Not in a confined manner, but in the free way of just becoming a better version of yourself. Specific, measurable goals are great, but they should be made and achieved year round, not just as one year concludes and another begins.

So this year, I resolve to do nothing. I trust the path I’m on and I have faith that I will take care of myself and achieve everything and anything I decide to, when the time is right.

Happy New Year 🙂

Wanting vs. Deserving

I just saw a quote that really resonated with me. “Sometimes I focus so hard on what I want, I lose sight of what I deserve.” Wanting is human nature, but it’s not often for the greater good of our mental and physical health. The thrill of the chase, junk food cravings, retail therapy. All things we want but do not deserve. This can go both ways. For instance, if we sat on our lazy asses all week and didn’t exercise at all, and then we want that chocolate bar on Friday night – this is wanting something we do not deserve.  On the flip side, knowingly being 2nd choice to that guy you’re infatuated with but who refuses to make you a priority. That is wanting something, knowing you deserve better. Why do we put our wants ahead of our needs? It gets so convoluted and unclear in the moment that we actually cannot tell them apart. Sometimes we want something so bad it feels like we absolutely need it, can’t live without it. When in fact, we’d be 100% BETTER OFF without it. It’s so easy to tell our friends they deserve better when they’re mistreated by lovers, bosses, other friends, etc., but it’s so rare that we take our own advice. It’s easier said that done, of course, and even though I’m writing this right now, I can almost guarantee I won’t take my own advice next time the temptation is in front of me. Of course we are allowed pleasures in life, we don’t have to live this black and white existence of never indulging in anything ever, but I think it’s a good exercise when you want or crave something to ask yourself – why do I want this? Will this make my life better? It comes down to instant gratification, I guess. It tastes good in the moment, so we eat it even though we know how bad it is for our bodies. It feels good in the moment, so we put our needs aside to be the girl on the back burner for some guy. I don’t know what the solution is, or if there even is one. I guess it’s just good to assess these things as they happen and do our best not to sell ourselves short. We are strong, beautiful goddesses! We need to treat ourselves right.